Sunday, April 18, 2010

God Help Us All

I am an avid fan of the Real Housewives franchise and watch all the seasons from New York to Orange County. And I think no one can deny that The Real Housewives of New Jersey was an amazing season full of big hair, big muscles, and catty bitches. It is like the Jersey Shore in 25 years. I am not sure why I am drawn to these grown women acting badly and picking fights with each other but that story is for another day.

Someone had the brainchild to let Teresa Giudice write a cookbook. I find it almost insulting because she did not cook on the show, had her housewarming party at a restaurant and is most famous for tipping a table in a fit of rage. Is Italian cooking so easy that anyone can do it? Uhhh NO! What is the cookbook world coming too? What about all the Italian cooks who actually know how to cook Italian food. Where are their cookbooks? I guess you have to be borderline famous, behave badly, and have a brood of 4 very spoiled little girls. Honestly, I think if anyone were to get a book deal out of RHoNJ it should be Teresa’s cast mate Caroline (the one who’s husband’s father was found in the back of a car riddled with bullets) would be a better fit. We saw her cooking on the show several times, she owns a reception hall with her husband, has fed and raised three children and might have ties to the mob who we know are excellent cooks. I would by that cookbook: Cooking with the mob: how to make someone their last meal. HA!

Obviously, you can see that I am very peeved about this and I mean I knew it was coming. I guess the release of the book is supposed to coincide with the new season of RHoNJ which premiers next month I think. I guess someone needs to pay for Teresa’s tacky lifestyle considering her house is in foreclosure (yes the one she just built from the ground up and decorated with marble and onyx) and her husband is reportedly beating her to a bloody pulp every chance he gets. (I have a friend who is her neighbor)

One last note: why is she eating PASTA on the cover of a skinny Italian cookbook! I mean I guess that is all she know about Italian cooking, what a nimrod! Teresa Giudice you are an embarrasement to yourself, your family and Italian’s in general. Watch Giada for some pointers on how to be a classy Italian who can actually cook!

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  1. It's official, becoming a foodie girl is probably dead